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Measuring Case

Janitza | MRG 512 PQ Flex

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Delivery time on requestDelivery time on request
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Product information

SKU JA900264
Brand: Janitza
Type: MRG 512 PQ Flex
Supplier code: 5216905

Technical information

Auxiliary supply: 95…240Vac & 80…300Vdc
Memory: 256 MB
Communication interface: Ethernet
Protocol: TCP/IP, HTTP
Harmonics: U/I t/m 63th orde
Event registration: Dips(ms), peaks, transients(us)
Reports: EN50160, 61000-2-4, kWh
Accessories: 4 Rogowski coils, 5 Voltage pickoffs, 1 Voltage measurement set, 1 Cross patch cable, 2 cables current monitoring
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