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Safety PLC

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Communication interface
Communication interface
A communication interface is a physical or software-based connection between two systems or devices, enabling them to communicate and exchange data.
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Mosaic M1 | PLC central module
Product code: RR401896
Mosaic M1S | PLC central module
Product code: RR401382
Mosaic M1S COM | PLC central module
Product code: RR403866
Mosaic M1SC COM | PLC central module
Product code: RR403867
MI8 | Input module
Available: 39
Product code: RR401898
MI16 | Input module
Available: 119
Product code: RR401899
MI16C | Input module
Available: 4
Product code: RR403243
MBC | CANopen communication module
Product code: RR401906
MBEC | Ethercat communication module
Product code: RR402020
MBEM | Module for Modbus TCP
Product code: RR402478
MBEP | Profinet communication module
Product code: RR402022
CSU | USB cable
Available: 3
Product code: RR401909
MC100 | MCT bus-transfer cable
Product code: RR402026
MC25 | MCT bus-transfer cable
Product code: RR402024
MC50 | MCT bus-transfer cable
Product code: RR402025
MCM | Mosaic Configuration Memory
Product code: RR401907
MCT-1 | Interface for Remote I/O
Product code: RR402018
MCT-2 | Interface for Remote I/O
Product code: RR402019
MI8O2 | Input/output module
Product code: RR401897
MI8O4 | Input/output module
Product code: RR401385
MO2 | Output module
Available: 8
Product code: RR401900
MO4 | Output module
Available: 6
Product code: RR401901
MOR4 | Output module
Available: 29
Product code: RR402212
MOR4 S8 | Output module
Available: 12
Product code: RR402213
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