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UMG 96-PQ-L (24...90Vac/24...90Vdc) | Power analyser

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UMG 96-PQ-L (24...90Vac/24...90Vdc) IEC61000-3-40 klasse S
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Product description

The UMG 96-PQ-L Class S power analyzer is an advanced and versatile measuring instrument for monitoring energy consumption and electrical parameters in critical environments. Within the 96 series, this modular device primarily offers comprehensive voltage quality analysis. Additionally, the UMG 96-PQ-L also features functions such as ground fault current measurement and temperature monitoring.

Thanks to a special data compression method, the UMG 96-PQ-L can store up to 15 years of measurement data. The device can be used in normal TN/TT systems as well as IT systems and provides accurate measurements of voltages and currents. The analyzer uses a sampling frequency of 13.67 kHz and performs Fourier analyses for the 1st to the 65th harmonics.

The UMG 96-PQ-L is equipped with a user-friendly graphical color display and can be expanded with plug-in modules for additional functionality. This versatile instrument is ideal for monitoring and analyzing energy consumption and electrical parameters in various applications and environments. With its extensive functionality and adaptability, the UMG 96-PQ-L is a valuable addition to any energy management system.

Main features of UMG 96-PQ-L power analyzer:
  • Compact: 96 x 96mm size
  • Functionalities: kWh registration, faults, power quality, ground fault, and temperature monitoring
  • Memory: 15 years storage for current and power; three types of memory
  • Communication: Modbus RS485, expandable to TCP/IP
  • Display: graphical color display with oscilloscope and vector diagram
  • Voltage quality: harmonics up to the 65th, 280 samples per period
  • Installation: 600V CAT III, suitable for IT networks
  • Energy management: Class 0.2S accuracy
  • Modularity: temperature monitoring, Ethernet interface, ground fault current measurements
  • Inputs and outputs: 3 digital outputs, 1 analog output, 3 digital inputs
  • Operation: 6 buttons via display, customizable home screen



MountingPanel mounting 96x96
SeriesUMG 96-PQ-L
Communication interface

A communication interface is a physical or software-based connection between two systems or devices, enabling them to communicate and exchange data.

Communication interfaceRS485
Modbus RTU
Digital inputs3
Digital outputs3
Analogue outputs0 - 20 mA

Janitza measuring instruments are equipped with memory, allowing measurement values to be stored in memory for extended periods of time.

Memory64 MB
Auxiliary voltage

Auxiliary voltage is the additional voltage required to supply a device with power for proper operation and measurements.

Auxiliary voltage24...90 VAC
24...90 VDC
User interfaceColour screen

A harmonic is a frequency that is an integer multiple of the fundamental frequency. The fundamental frequency is the lowest (natural) frequency that a system exhibits by default. A natural frequency of a system is a frequency that the system can inherently exhibit.

HarmonicsU/I t/m 65ste orde
CategoryPower analysers
EAN Code4251861102631
Product codeJA100423
Supplier code5236022

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